Thursday, 11 August 2011

Mount Helvellyn - Friday / 17th June 2011

We had originally planned to spend the Friday in the Lakes, wearing ourselves in but having had a case of sciatica we opted to do the Mountain a day early. We spent the morning in Keswick at Mountain warehouse, for Kane to "kit up", had a full breakfast and looked forward to the day ahead. I had opted for a route which involved a long walk before assending, in addition to this the walk itself took in the less popular route which for the time of year seemed like a good idea, and the thought of traversing Stidin edge, or swirrel edge for a first mountain experience seemed careless!

We parked at Wythburn car park, we had already noted some breathtaking views...

At this point Kane had already broken one of his walking poles (I work with these poles, and never broken one!). Luckily some passers by didnt mind taking a photo, on his Iphone, after much confusion on what button to press!.. We followed the first part of the route, which was mainly flat and followed the road. This took no time atall...

The route started to get steep, we followed a creak up towards the Grisdale part of the peak range

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